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We Now Offer 20 + Colors!



 YOU won’t find MORE color choices anywhere!


Thanks to our customers the “Original Waitstaff Organizer” is a hit!

The goal for 2015 is to offer an even larger variety of colors and prints.

So if your goal for the New Year is to get organized

we have your colorful solution! 


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               Now in Stock  Pink Cheetah in Vinyl & Forest Green Leather 



We are Veterans of the service industry! Maybe even, titans since we have been in this sometimes difficult but mostly rewarding industry for over 25 years! We have dedicated  ourselves to the industry and finally designed book that doesn’t come from a credit card company to organize us at the table, in front of a guest and on the job! Lose just a few dollars or one credit card slip and well your night can be ruined! We have all been there! Our Happy Waitress “Original Waitstaff Organizer” is sensible and economical! We offer many versions & colors of our original design, get one get them all!

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OurBasic Black Collection”, your choice in Leather or Vinyl. Choose one from our “Color Collection” the obvious choice for a clean neat organization in 5 colors and new ones added every six months! Red, Navy Blue, Purple & Orange now available! Made to compliment any uniform we believe this will become an industry standard one day!

We can also design in a Special color and Customize with your own establishment logo for the whole waitstaff!  (quantity minimums may apply to custom ordering) Please Email Sales@theHappyWaitress.com for more information on custom orders.


At The Happy Waitress we try to be conscious of the changing times and have decided to give a little back! So we have created a “Colors For A Cause” Collection that will come in a variety of colors with a specially designed and embossed logo related to our cause!  (And well … ultimately we hope to give a lot back!) All of our “Colors for a CauseCollection will donate $1.00 for each sold to a specific cause. As Part of this collection we will also offer  “Limited and Special Editions” . We want to create for this collection, “ A good product doing good”  thus giving back a little of what we get! Lets prove little people can do it 1 dollar at a time! Current best seller in Pink with Original Cancer ribbon art embossed on the front sure to become a favorite!Don’t go to work without one!


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We strive to provide a product that is exceptional in use and quality!  As we have seen business change, customers come and go and lots of change in an ever changing industry, the need for and easy way to organize your money and guest checks has never been attainable until now! So give up the old Credit card presenters and get a product that is made for you! Try one … try a few!


Thanks for visiting, check in on us soon!


Please Note 

 ALL orders will now be shipped USPS Priority Mail With Insurance to assure safe delivery.




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