Great News!!

Fantastic news !! The new order is due in Thursday Friday or Monday! Just got the confirmation!! All of those who have emailed us look for your confirmation emails/Invoices to come sometime next week! Thanks so much for your continued support and patience as we get through the growing pains! Happy Waitress-ing!

first week in April. We will be adding Purple and Orange  to our inventory of colors.

You can soon get our Original Waitstaff Organizer in 5 colors … red, navy, pink, purple & orange!!

And Black in Vinyl and leather!!


Thanks so much to everyone that has ordered!  The QR code is a success!! We are out of every color and only have Black leather on Hand to ship!! We are currently awaiting a large order due in about a week with Purple as a new addition and a mystery color!!! Check back soon and Send us some photos of your books ! Thanks for all your orders, comments, emails etc. Keep it coming!